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The begginig


Talk Like A Pirate
Read the Design Notes for behind the scenes information!
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AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG

A massively multiplayer game that plays online with Flash right inside your web browser. No software to download or install -- and this MMO is free! Battle monsters in real-time RPG combat alongside your friends. Check out thescreenshots and then see what chaos and insanity is in development now on Artix & Cysero's design notes.

Upgrade Your Account

Become a member and you will get access to member-only exclusive classes, weapons, areas, shops, quests and special pets... including Dragons which can be turned into <shivers> a Dracolich!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Week!

Shiver me timbers!

Did ye be knowin' that Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us? Aye, that it be! This weekend is dedicated to nautical nonsense full of pirate-themed weapons, armors, helms, and back items! Speak to Quibble Coinbiter in town to get your hands on the savviest RARE pirate booty in all the seven seas. After plundering Quibble’s treasure chest, seek out Rayst in Arcangrove to continue your journey to the underwater realm of The Natatorium! Read more on the Design Notes
Mudluk Village and Quibble

Savvy Release Making Landfall:

  • 15 all new TLPAD Rares from Quibble!
  • First ever underwater zone: The Natatorium
  • New NPC: Nisse the Mermaid Sage
  • 5 nautical quests
  • Use Brain and Brawn to solve Natatorium’s puzzle
  • New aquatic zone music
  • 2 new monster mobs: Angler Fish and Armored Merpeople
  • Nessie, the Guardian Boss of the Runes of Riparian
    An all new Cutscene
  • And 7 never-before-seen Natatorium items, including the Reverse Merpseron Armor and Riparian Trident!

Quibble is Back!

And so are his Brand-New Items!

You asked for him, and now Quibble Coinbiter is back! Everyone’s favorite traveling sales moglin has returned to Battleon with a HUGE treasure chest of never-before-seen items! No one knows if these items will EVER return, so make sure you get them while you still can. New Daily Quests have been added to the Arcangrove storyline as well, offering massive amounts of Reputation, Experience, and Gold to those who complete them! Read more on the Design Notes
Mudluk Village and Quibble

PvP for ALL players!

Bludrut Brawl map is now live

In celebration of EpicDuel's successful gamma release (happening right now), we are celebrating by releasing the Player-vs-Player map, Bludrut Brawl! Choose your favorite Class, gear up with your best enhancements and show your friends how fast your hp can hit 0 when a stampede of players from the other team finds you alone in their boss room. Do not forget to obtain and equip a PvP Amulet -- they increase your health A LOT when you are in any PvP map. Remember, be kind and honorable... a true champion has both a leet character and a leet heart!
Read more on the Design Notes

DragonLord, StarLord, Guardian

Master 3 new Classes!

Your wait is finally over! The DragonLord, StarLord, and Guardian Classes have been added to the Verification Shops in the Guardian Tower! All 3 Classes are NON MEMBER but the only way to get them is by verifying your upgraded accounts in DragonFable, MechQuest, or the original AdventureQuest. 
Read more on the Design Notes
New Classes: Dragonlord, Guardian, Starlord
GravelynEvil Empress of the Shadowscythe


Full Class Released

Are you powerful enough to master and command the forces of the darkness? The DoomKnight trainer can now be found in the fortress of Shadowfall. 
Read more on the Design Notes

Lead the undead army to victory!


Get AdventureCoins to access and equip the rarest weapons, helms, capes and armors. You can also use them to add more equipment inventory space, bank storage space, and housing inventory spaces. To see our payment methods, click here

Player Houses/Castles

"Home is where you hang your helm."

Buy your own place and customize it with over 130 house items. Invite your friends or visit their place by typing /house <name> . New items include beds and monster statues. Some rare house items like the Sneeviltron drop off of monsters! Future house styles will include Castles, Lairs, Flying Fortresses and more!
Bludrut Keep
The Keep and other styles of house are now available
Evil Empress of the Shadowscythe

An Unlikely Alliance

Good & Evil vs the forces of Chaos

The story has begun! Will you join the side of good or evil in our battle against a common new foe? Use your Book of Lore to begin your adventure and join thousands of players each week as the story unfolds.
Good and Evil working together against the CHAOS!?

Good & Evil Shops!

Each faction has a special shop containing awesome looking armor and weapons. Visit the evil shop in Shadowfall or the good shop in Swordhaven.

Critical Hits!

Guard your Dragons from DEATH

Dragon pets are oftenDracolich Petavailable in Aria's shop. Beware friends. There is a rumor that Death itself is roaming our world for some mysterious purpose. Whatever you do... do not let him touch your pet Dragon with his skeletal hand. Pet... Dracolich!?

Want more bag space?

You can now permenantly add up to 40 more slots in your backpack, 20 more to your bank or 20 more to your housing items. Talk to Valencia in the town of Battleon. AdventureCoins are now available via the upgrade page.

Get Wallpapers

Grab our newest wallpapers, created by Randor the Red at our official Wallpaper site.

MechQuest Artbook

120+ pages of MechQuest madness. Also includes a code which unlocks an exclusive armor in AQWorlds.

The AQWorlds Battle Bar

Get the ultimate AQW player's browser tool. It displays your gold, ac, and allows you to instantly access your friends list and character page. The best part is, the search feature will earn you AdventureCoins!
Get the AQworlds Tool Bar

Referred Friends earn you EXP and Gold!

Would you like your friends and family to earn you some gold and exp while you are offline? Check out our brand new refer-a-friend system. It is surprisingly fair and you can even earn AdventureCoins!
Click here to learn how

Bludrut Keep!

A Four Part Dungeon

Explore one of Lore's most legendary dungeons and unlock its secrets. You can get their using the new button in town, your map, or by typing /join bludrut
Bludrut keep is full of danger and secrets
Four levels of dungeons each with their own art and monsters. Brand new quests and adventure! Levels 1 & 2 are available to all players. Levels 3 & 4 are Member-Only. Monsters now have a small chance to drop the weapon they are holding. Including the Boss!
Red Dragon

Dragon's Lair

Battle the Red Dragon

Untold Danger and treasure await you within this massive and heavily guarded Dragon's lair. Are you brave enough to venture deep into the heart of this dungeon and battle AdventureQuest Worlds FIRST DRAGON!? You can get their using the new button in town, your map, or by typing /join lair
Red Dragon Boss Fight
Can you defeat the Red Dragon?


Freedom to change and level up different Classes

AdventureQuest worlds was designed so that you can play ALL of the different classes with just one character. If you love mixing up your play style and trying different things out -- you will love this. Seek out trainers and obtain new classes. Some may require you to undergo special quests or meet certain requirements. Then, all you need to do is wear it and play to level it up. Each class has 10 ranks and unique skills that you can unlock. Leveling up the class may also cause the trainer to open up special shops with class specific gear for you to use... or even secret elite-class quests!


Customize your character even more with Armor!

Special armors can be found in shops and monster drops all over the world.
19 new RPG Armors
Hanging out with players at Yulgar's Inn

Continuous Releases!

New Zones, Quests, Items, Classes.... and more

The game is being developed right under your feet as you play it. We read our forums for your awesome ideas and suggestions and build as much as we can each week so there is always something new for you to look forward to! Also, here is a list of new features that Minimal, Zhoom and I are building for you next. Read the Design Notes for behind the scenes info!
  • Expandable Bag Space - Released!
  • Friends List - Released!
  • Player Parties - Released!
  • Live Events- Released!
  • Wars - Released!
  • Boss Monster AI - Released!
  • Housing - Released!
  • Stats - Released!
  • PvP - Released!
  • Guilds - In Development
  • Import Character Data from AQ/DF/MQ
    Now known as the "Master Account System Project" this will give your AQW character access to cool stuff from your other game characters!
  • New Pets!
  • New Zones
  • New Weapons
  • New Quests
  • New Classes
  • New Items
  • New Monsters
  • New Website
  • Even the new is new!
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